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Well, here goes

I've got a number of things I want to work on.

1) My MCSD. I figure I should be able to do one exam before Astro (June 25). Breaking it all down, that means 1 chapter per week, with a week or two of review. I have to book the exam (and find the money to pay for it), and then do the work. I want to do it right, and do the excercises and labs for each chapter. Defeintely do-able. Then its a matter of doing one test every couple of months until all 6 are done.

2) Sell the bug. This prolly means getting the ignition problem dealt with. At the very least, it needs to be washed. I need to figure out how to do that with a car that won't start. Then I need to create and place the ad.

3) Prolly should have been #1. I need to setup an appointment for counselling. I simply can't do this on my own anymore. Its a simple process, just pick up the phone and dial. I'm just too fucking scared of it. Its going to hurt a lot, and I don't want to hurt like that again. Its a viscious circle. Maybe all I need is for someone to be with me when I make the call, for moral support, y'know? I don't know. I do know that if I leave it to myself, there is a very strong likelyhood I just won't do it, and I won't heal, and it'll just keep eating me.

4) Excercise. I need to get back in the habit or doing my push-ups and sit-ups day and night, and my curls. I also want to run at least once per week.

This is all fairly simple and all very doable. #3 has taken so much of my focus lately, that its overshadowing the rest. If I can knock that down, maybe I can get moving on the rest.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and write Ostara by Friday. crap.
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