Cinnamon (cinnamonsqueak) wrote in stop_delaying,

so! 2006.. here we come!

So its a new year....

I know i didn't finish any of my stuff. lol. I haven't done any customizing in a loooong time.

But I figured I'd poke in here and see how eager everyone is to start kicking butts into gear.

Things I want to acomplish this year.

1. Get more organized. I have begun by spending the first 2 days of 2006 cleaning my house and most importantly my craft and storage closet.

2. Learn more needleworking things. I know how to xstitch but i only know how to do 2 stitches. So I plan to learn more and maybe some needlepoint.

3. Fix Craig's dress and make him his cloak. I have the stuff, just have to get motivated.

Thats all that prodding about in my head at the moment. So we'll see where this takes me. Maybe while the writers write I'll sew...
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